Our clients and partners have wonderful things to say about their experience working with us.


“…exactly the calm, guiding force we needed to keep us sane during a very stressful and complicated process.”
– Foundation Leader ­


“…super easy to work with.” – Property Developer


“Field Day took one of the most overwhelming things that I’m going to experience in my career and turned it into a fun adventure.”
– Nonprofit Executive Director & Client


“Our team worked with Field Day on a day-to-day basis. Everyone on our team felt they were professional and capable, and we really enjoyed working with them personally. It wasn’t like two out of three people—it was 100% appreciation of what they offered.”
– Property Developer


“They went out of their way to keep our costs and expenses down. I don’t think anyone else would have taken the same time or the effort.”
– Nonprofit Executive Director


“They’re outstanding in the whole area of historic credits…that’s what they know better than anyone else.”
– Property Developer


“Field Day gets s*** done!” – Partnering Contractor


“They have nurtured relationships with a diverse network of experts who can provide unique information…so they bring a breadth of knowledge that’s beyond their own breadth of knowledge.”
– Partnering Architect


“…honest and straightforward. Some places try to hide when they don’t know something, but Field Day was an open book. If they didn’t know, they’d just go find out and get back to you. That is a rare quality.”
– Property Developer


“At the beginning of a project, the numbers often don’t work. Field Day is very tenacious about re-working the financial concept—inserting new information and proposing new ways of looking at things—until it eventually works out. It takes combing a project for every potential cost savings, income source, and potential funding source over and over and over until it makes financial sense. That’s what they do.”
– Partnering Architect


“…organized, attentive to detail, and responsive to our needs. We know that everything Field Day delivers is going to be right.”
– Property Developer


“Field Day is the full package. They know everything and everyone and have simplified the process so much.”
– Nonprofit Executive Director


“…very honest and straightforward, with no B.S.” – Property Developer

“They make me believe that it’s as much about building community as it is about building buildings.”
– Nonprofit Executive Director


“…great listener.” – Property Developer


“…a great collaborator.” – Partnering Architect


“Andrea is a straight-shooter and highly driven—she knows how to keep the client’s interests at the forefront and navigates the mine fields in the process with grace and even a little humor.”
– Foundation Leader


“They are really smart and have a lot of practical knowledge that we need.”
– Partnering Architect


“There is no way we could have done our project without Field Day. I honestly believe that.”
– Nonprofit Executive Director